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      About Us

      Sovereign Laboratories is a worldwide leader in the bovine colostrum and liposomal nutrition industries. For the past 25 years we have been dedicated to developing cutting-edge health products that provide solutions for optimal immune health, vitality, aesthetics and healthy aging no matter where one is on the spectrum of life.

      Our proprietary liposomal-enhanced, signature product, Colostrum-LD® has made us the top-selling brand of bovine colostrum in the United States. With millions of users around the world, Colostrum-LD is currently considered the premier foundational supplement to achieve immunological resilience and biological homeostasis.

      Company founder Douglas Wyatt is the world’s leading authority on bovine colostrum and is credited with establishing the gold standard in processing raw bovine colostrum. Mr. Wyatt is also an early developer of liposomal delivery (LD) for enhanced bioavailability of colostrum and other nutritional products.

      Our Colostrum Therapy Mission

      Formally established in 2017, PRO Sovereign Laboratories makes product programs possible for health industry professionals and their patients.

      We offer this website to dialogue with physicians and healthcare professionals dedicated to improving health and reducing reliance on purely traditional medicine pathways. We welcome all current healthcare professionals who seek the truth, take responsibility for their own health and are seeking to secure consistent positive outcomes for their patients without side effects.

      This website is dedicated to Kaye Wyatt 1942-2006 for her dedication to sharing colostrum’s incredible healing story. It is to her we owe a debt of everlasting gratitude.