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      Your health care professional has recommended that you purchase PRO GastroDefense products to promote your health. A couple of quick items for you to know before you get started:

      purchase PRO GastroDefense products to promote your health


      1  You have to register for an account before you get started. Registration is easy.

      2  When you register, you need to include the name of the professional who referred you to purchase professional products. If you do not have a professional referral, please fill out your professional’s name here, and we will contact them to get approval.

      3  You only have to register one-time. Once you’ve registered, simply sign in, and shop.

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      Tips & FAQ



      My doctor wants me to take the product every month. Do I have to reorder each time?

      No. We offer you the ability to do autoship. You can have us ship your product every 30 days or other duration that you select until you wish to pause or cancel. Cancelling or pausing autoship is easy. Just sign in to your account, pull up your autoship order and select pause or cancel.

      What is the most cost-effective way to order the GastroDefense supplement(s) my doctor or health care professional prescribed?

      We recommend autoship. With autoship you always save.

      Can I take PRO Colostrum-LD with my smoothies?

      Yes! Lots of patients incorporate their colostrum into smoothies.

      How much is shipping?

      Shipping is free in the United States and Canada if the order is $75.00 or more.



      "IMMUNSYNERGY-6: I was so excited when SL came out with this new supplement. I have a lot of supplements I take and now I can have one capsule for 6 different products. It is easy to take and was approved by my MD. He even said he would be interested in taking it too. Glad I could help someone!" - JUSTIN F., PURCHASED NOV 20TH, 2021
      "VITAL-C, CURCUMIN, COLOSTRUM-LD: I take Curcumin and have for 2 years. Also Vital-C and Colostrum but I love Vital-C so much. It is easy to take and isn't harsh on my stomach. I link this to liposomal delivery. One of the best products for anyone's immune/gut health regimen. Amazing product." - KEITH T., PURCHASED NOV 1OTH, 2021
      "SUPER PET NUTRITION: My two dogs love it. Every morning they look forward to having it before their meals. It took just few weeks for my husband and to notice results. Thanks to our vet for recommending and customer care team for assisting with serving size. Great product and I recommend to everyone!" - CAROLYN R., PURCHASED NOV 4TH, 2021
      Colostrum Smoothie

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