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      Information for Professionals

      Improve Patient Outcomes, Increase Revenue & Add GastroDefense to Your Practice


      GastroDefense products are designed exclusively for Professionals and their patients.

      GastroDefense products exclusively for Professionals

      Professional Account - Buy Wholesale & Use the Patient Fulfillment Program

      Sometimes you want to carry PRO Colostrum-LD to sell directly to patients at the front desk while having them order other products that can improve their health from our Patient Fulfillment Program. You can do both or any other combination.

      Patient Fulfillment Program – No Inventory Needed

      With the GastroDefense Patient Fulfillment Program, you do NOT need to order inventory or carry product in your office. Simply register for a GastroDefense Professional Account, get approved, and then use your custom link on your website or QR Code to direct patients to the GastroDefense website to order the product(s) you prescribe. How does it work?

      A)  The patient places the order on using your Patient Fulfilment Program code

      B)  We ship the order direct to the patient and credit your account with the sale

      C)  You receive your commission from GastroDefense at the end of each month

      D)  Patients can register on the website for autoship and you get a recurring commission on every order shipped as they follow your treatment protocol

      Buy Wholesale From Us – Preferred Pricing

      Simply register for your professional account, get approved (call 928-421-2241 for immediate approval), and begin making product purchases at the wholesale rate. Products may be resold in the office or on the practice website, at your preferred pricing.

      Why Partner with Us?



      1  Over 30-years experience in developing liposomal bovine colostrum gut & immune health solutions

      2  Pioneers in developing bovine colostrum dietary supplements for human use

      3  A true partner in helping you grow your practice and providing innovative products that support patient health

      4  We provide you with sales support material including literature to give to patients, small product samples for patients to try colostrum for tolerability, and more!


      Professionals are raving about Sovereign Laboratories PRO GastroDefense

      Mark Sherwood, ND "Dr. Michele and I have been recommending PRO Colostrum-LD to all of our patients for the past couple of years. In the past we have used other sources of colostrum based upon our confidence in its necessity for optimum health. Once we discovered Sovereign Labs, we are confident we found the best sourcing and quality. The results of consistent use, not just in patients’ lives, have been outstanding. Dr. Michele and I have seen our lean muscle mass and quality improve, a fact that is astounding based upon our years of training. In our patients’ lives, we have seen marketed improvements in overall GI function, ...[and] immune system optimization. We give PRO Colostrum-LD from Sovereign Labs our utmost and sincere endorsement. Every person should be using nature’s first food." – Mark Sherwood, ND

      Dr. James Denito, DC “Colostrum has been part of my personal regime for most of my 37-year career, as well as a key supplement I prescribe to many of my patients. Our biggest common denominator with quality of life and length of life, is our immune responses. Rare is the immune system out there that has all its resources consistently in balance. (Sovereign Laboratories) colostrum with its certified quality origins, to how it is designed to be fully absorbed, provides those missing elements in a tasty and easy to comply format. There are only so many cost-effective ways to figure out what a person’s immune system needs, or what herb or spice may work on the immune front lines. Take a shortcut and use colostrum! Colostrum is a highly versatile mercenary army at your command! I am still an active gymnast and now moving into trapeze skills at over 61 years of age, with much of that credit due to colostrum’s hormonal anti-aging properties. Mix colostrum into your food supply now!” – Dr. James Denito, DC

      Jill Kenrick, RN"I am a Registered Nurse who works at Functional Medical Institute in Tulsa, Ok. I have been an athlete my entire life and optimal health and wellness is extremely important to me. I am always researching and trying to find the best quality of supplement. I started using Sovereign Laboratories Pro Colostrum liposomal delivery a couple years ago and have seen great benefits. I believe that the Pro Colostrum has increased my metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day. Another fact that I love about this product is that by combining the powder with water and making a facial mask, my skin has become brighter with an even skin tone. I absolutely recommend this amazing prodyct to all of my clients for overall proven effectiveness."  – Jill Kendrick, RN

      Questions? Fast track to instant approval so you can start growing your practice! Call 928-421-2241

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