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      PRO Cleanse Bundle: Vanilla Flavor

      PRO Cleanse Bundle: Vanilla Flavor

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        Sku: PRO-VNK-16--DLY-CMPLT--GD-OVN--SKR

        PRO Cleanse Bundle: Vanilla Flavor

        PRO Cleanse Bundle:

        • PRO Colostrum-LD® (16oz)
        • PRO Daily G.I. Complete™ (60 count)
        • GastroDefense™ Overnight Cleanse (60 count)
        • Sports Shaker Bottle (400ml)

        PRO Colostrum-LD® helps:

        • Maintain a Healthy Stomach and G.I. tract
        • Maintain intestinal flora
        • Support Healthy Immune Responses
        • Increase Bone and Lean Muscle Mass*
        • Support Healthy Cognitive Function
        • Nurture Healthy Aging

        PRO Colostrum-LD® is a targeted immune support supplement designed for daily use in people of all ages. Colostrum provides critical bioactive components that assist the healthy human immune system. Bovine (cow) colostrum is an ideal supplement because it is plentiful and biologically transferrable to humans.

        PRO Colostrum-LD® contains first-milking bovine colostrum that has been flash pasteurized, low heat dried, and instantized for safety, solubility and efficacy. Proprietary LD Liposomal Delivery™ assists colostrum's bioactive components in having their best chance of reaching the digestive tract and being well-absorbed into the bloodstream. PRO Colostrum-LD® contains a minimum of 25-30% immunoglobulins, 1.5% lactoferrin, 1.5% growth factors and enhanced Proline-rich Polypeptide formula (PRPs).

        PRO Daily G.I. Complete™:

        • Maintains GI Health†
        • Promotes regularity†
        • Gradual-release probiotics†
        • PRO Colostrum-LD® promotes colonization of beneficial bacteria†
        • Contains up to 5 Billion CFUs (Probiotics)*

        PRO GastroDefense® Daily Therapy is an excellent formula for bowel health and contains a proprietary formula which contains trusted probiotics. This proprietary formula of six probiotics, inulin, oat fiber, and bovine colostrum promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria,. Additional benefits include: protection against occasional diarrhea and constipation; increased nutrient absorption and maintains healthy cholesterol levels within a normal range.†

        GastroDefense™ Overnight Cleanse:

        • Distinctive Himalayan Herbal Formula
        • Helps promote overall bowel health†

        Gentle, effective overnight relief from occasional constipation. Distinctive all-natural Himalayan herbal formula for overnight cleansing and relief from occasional constipation.

        *If used in conjunction with a resistance training program.

        *At time of manufacture.


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