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      Professional Strength Digestive & Immune Health

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      Exclusive digestion and immune health products for Professionals and their patients.

      Industry Leaders over 30 years

      Industry Leaders over 30 years!

      GastroDefense is the leader in the advancement of bovine colostrum for remediating leaky gut and for general immune health. GastroDefense® has helped millions of patients reclaim their good gut health for more than two decades. PRO Colostrum-LD® is the cornerstone of any nutritional supplement regime you can recommend to patients who are actively seeking improvements in G.I. function and total body wellness. The GastroDefense® line is rounded out with some of the most important supplements for gut and immune health, including vitamin C, curcumin, and several PRO Colostrum-LD® companion products.

      Leaky Gut

      Leaky gut experts estimate that at least 8 in 10 Americans suffer from leaky gut (intestinal permeability) and its associated health conditions. A majority of these patients are completely unaware that their leaky gut is contributing to their unpleasant symptoms when they come to their healthcare providers for help. Months, years, or decades later, they’ve suffered for far too long. Yet, with recent research advances examining the connection between gut health and immune health, the problem is apparent. And you, as the provider of care, now have a real, all-natural, and clinically proven solution – bovine colostrum.

      Daily colostrum supplementation, in tandem with a healthy lifestyle, allows the body to heal itself in time. The quantity of toxins and antigens leaking through the porous gut lining and into the bloodstream declines, the gut lining itself regains its integrity, inappropriate immune reactions are abated, and nutritional uptake improves. Patients can experience increased energy levels, better joint health, improvements in skin health, and an overall optimization of immune function.

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      Pioneers in Liposomal Delivery

      GastroDefense is a pioneer in liposomal delivery and the first supplement company to apply this technology to a nutritional product. Liposomal delivery (LD) protects the delicate bioactives in processed colostrum for efficient delivery and maximal efficacy at the cellular level. All of the colostrum utilized in the GastroDefense® line of products has this proprietary LD, which gives your patients the best, most consistent results possible, when taken as directed.

      PRO Colostrum-LD® – the signature liposomal bovine colostrum supplement designed as a foundational supplement for every age and health status.

      PRO GastroDefense® DAILY – a rich combination of probiotics, liposomal bovine colostrum, fiber, and other phytonutrients designed to support healthy bowel movements and a healthy G.I. tract. It offers protection against occasional diarrhea and/or constipation and helps maintain an ideal bacterial balance within the gut microbiome.

      GastroDefense® STOMACH ARMOR® – a daily probiotic supplement with liposomal bovine colostrum plus the added benefit of zinc carnosine. This supplement is designed for patients who take other G.I.-irritating medications.

      ImmuSynergy 6™ – an immune powerhouse containing 5 core immune-boosting ingredients (vitamins C and D, zinc, beta glucan, quercetin) and liposomal bovine colostrum. This product is designed for patients with the need for acute or long-term immune support.

      PRO Bioidentical Polypeptides-LD® – concentrated proline-rich polypeptides (12%) extracted from fresh bovine colostrum are dried and combined with liposomal bovine colostrum for robust immune support. This product is not recommended for stand-alone use, but should be used with full-strength PRO Colostrum-LD®.

      PRO Colostrum-LD®

      Health professionals around the world rely on PRO Colostrum-LD® to empower patients to strive for good health, remediate leaky gut, and support active lifestyles. Whether for anti-aging support, athletic performance, general health, or a specific health challenge, liposomal bovine colostrum supplementation offers a science-backed solution.

      Seminal research by Raymond Playford, M.D. in the late 1990s/early 2000s showed that oral bovine colostrum supplementation has restorative effects on delicate G.I. tissue that had been damaged when people took NSAIDs. , Pain medication and other gut-irritating drug use is common today, as are the environmental, dietary, and lifestyle insults which compromise gut barrier function. Inappropriate loosening of the tight junctions in the intestinal wall leads to the leaking of toxins and antigens into the bloodstream and an ensuing immune response. Over time, an aggressive and persistent immune response can damage various tissues within the body – well beyond the realm of the G.I. tract.

      Propelled by an increasing interest in nutrition-based patient care, there has been a steady stream of clinical trials involving bovine colostrum in recent years. , These studies focus on a wide range of uses and populations, with benefits for newborns, children, adults, and elders.

      Health professionals around the world rely on PRO Colostrum-LD® to empower patients to strive for good health, remediate leaky gut, and support active lifestyles

      Health professionals
      Industry Leaders for over 30 years

      Bovine Colostrum

      Studies suggest that bovine colostrum supplementation has measurable effects in supporting athletes and patients who participate in structured exercise programs or physically active lifestyles. Liposomal bovine colostrum offers opportunities for athletic recovery, joint and muscle support, improved digestive function, and immune support. In the highly competitive field of professional athletics, liposomal bovine colostrum is a game-changer.

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